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Summer Is The Best Time To Maintain Your Roof

Posted by mastercraft | Posted in Roofing Contractor | Posted on 05-06-2014



Everyday wear and tear, exposure to sun, wind, hail, rain, repair people, will slowly age the roof membrane. Extra steps can ensure the life of your roof will be a longer one.

Jason Peach, Mastercraft Exteriors’ Quality Assurance Supervisor, gives you a few tips and tricks for your summertime roof maintenance.

1. Visually from the ground check all fascia and soffit to make sure it all in place.

2. From the ground also check for mold on your shingles (if applicable) and if any shingles are missing.

3. Gutters should be cleaned in the spring before the rains begin to make sure water flows away from your home.

4. If you would like a representative to check your roof for ventilation issues or other roofing damage, you can call Mastercraft Exteriors at (877) ROOFS-02 or go to MastercraftExteriors.com and schedule your appointment.


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