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Why Ice & Water Shield Is Critical In Cold Weather Climates

Roofing Ice and Water shield is a critically component to any new roofing system especially in cold weather climates. Many local building codes require Ice and Water shield and National Building CODE states Ice and water shield must start at the roofs eave edge and extend 2 ft inside heated wall space...

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Allied Building Products Gives Kudos to Mastercraft Exteriors!

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From Allied Building Products


Mastercraft Exteriors wins Owens Corning Proficiency Award
Rockton, Illinois – April 2010

Mastercraft Exteriors took home the Proficiency Award at the prestigious Owens Corning Platinum ceremony.  This award was given to elite contractors for exemplary business practices and innovations.  Because of the software system Mastercraft Exteriors implemented, AccuLynx.com, teams are able to eliminate inefficiencies while maximizing profit margins.

Long are the days of field reps risking lost time and injury by navigating steep roofing planes.  AccuLynx.com enables us to drop in roof sketches via Eagleview 3D aerial measurments, automatically calculating estimates.  Upon receiving the estimate, a rep is able to enter the cost for labor and materials so a true “job cost” can be determined.  This process takes an average of 15 minutes as opposed to the 1 to 2 hours previously spent on estimating.

Because Mastercraft Exteriors is a national company and Acculynx.com is a web based program, valuable time is saved as the entire company has simultaneous access to the same job.  Our Account Administrator is able to retrieve information on the customer’s claim while a local manager accesses the account for ordering and follow up purposes.  Storing numerous copies of paperwork at various locations eliminates wastefulness and disorganization.

No matter how well a field rep or supervisor knows the industry standard, paperwork and other unnecessary time consuming processes can hinder the ultimate outcome.  Mastercraft Exteriors keeps quality assurance personnel and project supervisors in the field, where their trained eyes can remain on the work, as opposed to in the office.  Numerous sets of eyes are watching any given project at any given moment.

AccuLynx.com also allows a detailed log of communication throughout the entire process.  Every action taken and conversation held is noted with a date and exact time.  This thorough data tracking keeps everything within our offices clear, as well as limits liability with our clients.  Mastercraft Exteriors realizes there aren’t many laws protecting contractors and wants to ensure everything is on record.

Mastercraft Exteriors strives to provide distinctive quality in craftsmanship, unparalleled customer service and a high level of character to our clients, competitors and industry.  For more information about the company, please go to our website at www.mastercraftexteriors.com.

Matt Spanton | Mastercraft Exteriors | (815) 985-0875 | mattspanton@mastercraftexteriors.com

Mastercraft Exteriors

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